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Researcher and Director : Yaser Khayyer
Director of Photography :Behrouz Badrouj
Editor : Esmaeel Monsef
Director Of Sound Recording and Mixing : Hassan Shabankareh
Music: Pejman Khalili
Colourist : Reza Teimoori
Credits and Poster Designer : Ali Bagheri
Production Manager : Saleh Zeidabadi
Producer: Yaser Khayyer
Documentary,Color,full HD, 16:9, 63 min, 2017, Iran



Reza is diagnosed with M.S and it causes problems in his married life with Farzaneh. The tension turns slowly into a crisis when other members of their family get involved too. Getting divorced or continuing their marriage is their last decision after 26 years of married life.


Director’s Statement:
When a man becomes ill and realizes there is a deadline of live, he leaves behind fear of losing and lets his repressed desires become obvious. The illness warns to humans that opportunities to live is low and must recognize the value of the remaining moments well. Then Reza stands against the relationships that already exist between him toward his wife and children. He wishes to live the rest of his life as his desire.


Yaser Khayyer was born in 1983 in Ghaem Shahr, Iran. He began filmmaking in Iranian Youth Cinema Society at 2004. Yaser Khayyer has made several documentaries and films as director and producer. Some of these films have been screened in many international festivals such as Vision du Reel,..
children of misery(2007) , hamoun of love(2010) ,farm that grow up and become city(2011), three handful of soil(2013) ,winter, love and other rules (2014) slowness(2017)





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