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AXING( Darkoub )

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Director: Behrooz Shoaibi
Writers:Hossein Torabnezhad, Azita Irani
Director of Photography: Alireza Barazandeh
Composer :Behzad Abdi ‏
Editor: Faramarz Hotam
Sound designer & mix: Alireza Alavian
Set & Custom Designer :Aidin Zarif
Cast: Mahnaz Afshar,Sara Bahrami,Amin Hayaee,Negar Abedi,Shadi Karam-rodi,Hadi Hejazifar,Tofan Mehrdadian,Atiyeh Javid & Jamshid Hashempour
Producer: S.Mahmoud Razavi
Production Managers: Kamran Hejazi
Production: Sima-ye Mehr Cinematic Institute
Behrooz Shoaibi
Born in 1979, Mashhad, Iran



Logline: Two women fight to be mother.


Roozbeh is a middle-aged who lives with his wife Niloufar and their six-year-old daughter Goli. The presence of Mahsa, a drug-addicted woman who does not have a mental health, disrupts the common life of Roozbeh and Niloofar.

Mahsa files a case of dowry harassment as Roozbeh’s ex-wife. She also claims that she’s Goli’s real mother. Roozbeh and Niloofar deny , but Mahsa insists on it….



Behrouz Shoeibi

Behrooz Shoaibi
Actor, Director& Scriptwriter , was born in 1979, Mashhad, Iran
His films are:
Dehliz (The corridor)
Cianour (Cyanide)



-Iranian Film Festival , London UK 2018. Winner of the Audience Award

-Chennai International FF, India 2018

-Iranian Film Festival Australia 2018, Winner of the Best Actress Award

-Golden Apricot ,Armenia, 2019,Winner of the critics Award

-Malaysia Golden Global Awards Malaysia,2019,Winner of the Best Actress

-Iranian Film Festival San Francisco. USA 2019 , Winner of the Best Film,Best Director,Best Actor,Best Actress

Director's note

Director's point of view: when a movie tries to illustrate a social dilemma it must be the approach of director which should be wider than silver screen and shows it in a different new way. The same for me......


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