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Tagline:   A dream is the fulfilment of a wish


 Unsaid stories of a homosexual couple in a meeting after two years of separation.

A couple meet again after 2 years in a forest, one of the couple changed her gender from male to female.

In this meeting, they realize the strange things that happened to each of them during the last 2 years and they did not know about.


Writer and director: Elham Farashah

Director of Photography: Mehrdad Salimkhani

Editor: Kaveh Imani

Sound Recordist: Morteza Aslanzadeh

Sound Designer: Arash Ghasemi

Music:Mohammad Nosrati

Colorist:Saman Majd Vafaei

Casts: Mehrnoosh Hajikhani, Paria Yaghoubi

Producer: Mostafa Shayesteh

Year   2024/Genre   Romance/Drama

Runtime   12:40 /Aspect ratio    1.85:1 /B&W

 Iran /Language :Persian /Subtitled: English



Elham Farashah director

Elham Farashah the actress, writer and director, was born on 17 January, 1994 in Tehran, Iran.

She graduated with a bachelor's degree in acting from the university and has acted in two Iranian movies in 2023.

Her first short film as writer and director is “Butterfly Dream-2024”.


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