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In a village, a 9-year-old boy named Matin, finds out that his young sister, who has cancer, wishes to wear a wedding dress. Without informing the family, he moves to the city with his friend to buy a wedding dress. When they arrive, the city was closed due to the Corona virus and so they have to wait for a while for the stores to open. With the opening of shops, they go to a wedding dress store, but they realize not only their money is little but also the dress isn't sold to the children. Matin is determined to buy the clothes anyway.


Born 1964 in Dargaz,Iran. Ali Ghavitan is a graduate in Law. He has made many short films and directed ten plays in theater. Among his films are:
- My Love, My City 1991
- Storm Bump 1993
- Conspiracy 1995
- Lonely 1997
- Effigies 2001
- Birthday Song 2004
- Very Hot Nescafe 2005
- Spring Winds 2010
- Dragonflies of the Green Pond 2011
- Flight of the Kites 2012
- Sunlight, Moonlight, Earth 2013
- The Return 2014
- My Mother’s Blue Sky 2015
- White Bridge 2017

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