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KATI&SETAREH (Kati va Setareh)

Director:Reza Majlesi
Writer:Amir Sabet –Reza Majlesi
Producer manager:Mohammadreza Majlesi
Director of photography:Nader Masoumi
Camera man:Reza Khoram
Sound:Alireza Daryadel
Editor:Mohammad Zarei
Special effects and Animator:Saeed Rezaei pour
Music:Shahab Azadi vatan
Makeup designer:Ali Kazemi
Photogharepher:Farzad Fakhraei
Cast:Shohreh Ghamar-Ava yonesnejad-Asghar kohan ghanbarian-Hadis Nikro-Maryam Shabani-Mohammad Nouri-Darya Majlesi-Mohammad Hendi-Farzad mirzazad

Voice actor:Kave nikghadam
Voice actress:Azita Amoei
Producer:Bita mansouri

82 min/2 k /Iran/2017




Katie travels to Earth to find the Both planet that she Named Kuti. Kuti ahead
she has come to the planet to find the most beautiful thing, but she has not returned. Katy with his spaceship landed at a summer residence in Gilan comes . She is introduced to a girl named Star. They will start their search for Kuti. Katy During the adventures, he arrives in Kuti to see if she has reached "the most beautiful" or not?


Born:1967, Rasht, Iran.
he started filmmaking by super 8 mm from 1993. and then made his first professional film for Tv in 1996 with a documentary named “Bibitab”. Most of his films made with anthropology and local issues . His films received many prizes and awards from international & national film festivals.
He is member of society of Iranian Documentary filmmakers since 1999.
KATI & SETAREH is his first long fiction film.

some films :
kati and setareh movie -84 min -2017
Meet documentary- full HD-30 min-2017
Where we do go?documentary –full HD-17 min -2016
Award diploma from ROSHD International film festival –TEHRAN 2016
The best research from Iran cultural university festival.(in professor cetion)
Voices from the Waters International Traveling Film Festival-Bangalore -India oct
10th International Tourism Film Festival „Tourfilm – Riga 2017”-Latvia
LIFE AFTER OIL International Film Festival 2017-Sardegna Italia

Konya travel - documentary –full hd -34min 2014
The best prize at documentary section from Naser khosro film festival Tehran 2014 -Folkloric marriages ( collection documentary-13 section)-2011-Iranian documentary chanel-HDV
Award:the best collection documaentary in Iranian TVs, 2012 - Another kind of looking - documentary -D v cam -11min

**Special prize of jury from 29th Roshd film Festival- Tehran- Iran Nov 2009
---' Bibitab " documentary - 16 mm - 1996- color- 24 min

**Prizes for directed, music, Edit and Cinematography
in 2th Iranian Tv film festival- 1996

--This word is water …(In sokhan abi ast…) documentary -Dvcam – 26 min- 2005

**Prize: main prize in international section Belgrad ethnography film festival-Serbia nov 2007

** Prize: The Main Prize in the category "Popular Science Films" - "The Bronze Turon" Cadca film festival –Slovaki sep 2008

-“The Circling Wheel “ ( The Firmament) 2003 Documentary- DVcam – color- 26min *-*Prize: Silver book at documentary section in :
33th Roshd international film festival – Kerman – Iran 2003

* Prizes: The best reaserch and especial award festival committee in :
5th Kish documentary film festival –Kish – Iran 2004

** The Main Prize in the category "Popular Science and Ethnographic Films" - "The Bronze Turon" Cadca film festival –slovaki 2006

-"And there is no end to my story" 2001 Fiction - 35mm- 30 min ** Especial award festival committee in Varesh international short film festival-Iran

--‘’ Father , Mather,why... ? ‘’ Documentary ,betacam ,2000 **prize of the best documantary in 27 th roshd international film festival -2000

--" Unknwon Whispers" 1999 Documentary - 16mm-color -24min
**prize of the best reaserch in 2th Iranian documentary film festival - Kish - Iran - 1999




-Dhaka International Film Festival, Bangladesh 2019

-Kolkata Children's Film Festival , India 2019


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