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 Poster E

Researcher & director: Mahdi Zamanpour Kiasari

Photographers: Ali Shilandri, Pooyan Aghababaei

Sound designer : Ehsan Shayegan

Sound Mixer: Hossan Mahdavi

Editor: Mehdi Hossinivand, Hossein Nikzad

Producer: Somayeh Zeraatkar, Mahdi Zamanpour Kiasari

Full HD, 40MINS, Dolby ,Iran 2019,


A 80 years old blind man from the south, has the gifted power to narrate dreams .From the heart of the mountains he chooses the rocks by touching and by tasting them, with simple tools and a hand saw without any special advanced tools  he makes traditional pots for the villagers and in this way makes a living .


Mahdi Zamanpour Kiasari was in 1975 . Holds MA in TV production from University of IRIB (Film Directing). He started his career as Director, Writer & Producer since 2004 and has made more than 65 documentaries and TV programs. Among his works are:
Waiting for You (2006), 15 min
Tramping to Heaven (2007), 45 min
Small Steps in Allah’s Highway (2008), 15 min
Green Shadows I (2009), 30x15min
Ashoura Ceremonies in Kiasar (2010), 18 min
Holly Naghib Alavy (2011), 60min
Green Shadows II (2011), 20 x15min
Moral Interval (2011), 13x2min
30 years living with 100 verses (2014),8min
Happy Birthday (2013), 35 min
Mashti Esmaeil (2014) 60mins


1-Golden Zaffron FF Sep.2019 Turkey( Winner of the Best Film Prize)

2-Big Sky Documentary FF, Feb.2020. USA

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