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Director: Alireza Samadi
Scriptwritors: Alireza Samadi,Farhad Mohandespour
Director of Photography:Amin Jafari
Editors: Khashayar Movahedian, Sodabeh Saeidnia
Sound: Ali Zolfaghari, Alireza Alavian
Makeup:Ali Bahramifar
Casts: Baran Kousari, Hassan Ma'ajouni, Shahrouz delafkar
Producer: Majid Rezabala

Dolby, Stereo,(5:1), Color,
Camera; RED
Screening copy;DCP



Just few days before Amir's 40th birthday, he experiences some events that disturbs his life and eventually lead him to a state of confusion, uncertainty, and identity crisis, which is the inception of a hardship for him.


Born in 1989 in Iran. MA Dramatic Literature . he made some short and documentaries for TV. ANONYMITY is his debut feature film




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