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THE SIS (Abji)

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 Director: Marjan Ashrafizadeh

Writers: Marjan Ashrafizadeh, Nahid Tabatabaei,AliAsghari
Director of Photography: Mohammad Rsouli
Editor: Sina Ganjavi
Composer: Hamed Sabet‏‏

Sound: Erfan Yazdi, Abbas Rastgarpour
Set Designer :Farahnaz Naderi
Make up designer:Mehrdad Mirkiani
Visual Effects:Farid Naser-Fasihi
Production Manager:Behzad Hashemi
Cast: Golab Adineh,Masoumeh Ghasemi-Poure,Pantea Panahiha, Hamidreza Azarang, Ali Ostad,
Producers: Mohammad Hossein Ghasemi
Production Company: Haft Honar-e Mandegar & FCF
98MINS, 2016


Tala and Ati (Sis) are a mother and daughter who have lived together for many years; almost 50 years, as long as the life of Sis. Their situation, however, does not last long, and the days of separation arrive. The separation happens when Sis depends heavily on her mother due to her special conditions, and Tala is trying to provide security for Ati’s future in the remaining time; a future without her presence.


Director's Statement:
When you become a mother, you are not yourself any more. Someone else is in your place; someone whose presence is because of you. And because of your role, you are dependent, you are attached, you are stuck, and you are in love. When you become a mother, it seems that your heart is chopped into as many pieces as your children, each piece in someone’s hand, pulling you wherever they want. As if your heart is beating outside your chest, fast and anxious. When you become a mother, you are not yourself. You are only a mother.
born in 1981in Tehran. Marjan Ashrafizadeh has B.A in Dramatic Literature and also Film Directing from the Faculty of Cinema & Theater .
The member of Iranian Young Cinema Society, she made more than 20 documentaries & short fiction films . Among her films are;
-Deep Blue short films
-Seventh Season short films
-Silence After whisper short films
- Magician Documentary
-Sea Bird Documentary
The founder of workshop for scriptwriting, she made some TV movies like as Wet Letters, Orange Blossoms and 3Dyas & 2Nights.
THE SIS (Abji) is her debut feature.


1-Herat womens ff 2016 , Afghanistan( winner of the best film award )
2-Kerala FF 2016.INDIA
3-Pune FF 2017, INDIA
4- Dhaka FF 2017 , BANGLADESH
5-39th Durban International Film Festival (DIFF) - 13 to 23 July 2017
6-Beijing FF 2017 , CHINA(Winner of the Best Actress Award)
7-Brooklyn FF 2017, USA (Certificates of Outstanding Achievement , Actor Female GOLAB ADINEH)
8 -Winner of the Best Film Award))26. USA-8-ACTION ON FILM .
9-Golden Rooster & Hundred Flowers , Sep. 12-16, China
10- Full Bloom NC. Sep. 14-16 USA
11-Fic Author's (Author's International Film Festival) Nov.10-18, Guadalajara ,Mexico
12-All Lights India Int'l Film Festival 2017


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