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A LONG DAY (Yek Rouz-e Tolani)

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Director’s 1st film

Director: Babak BahramBeygi
Writers: Payam Naser , Babak BahramBeygi
Director of Photography: Mohamad Reza Teimouri

Editor: Babak BahramBeygi
Sound: Ensiyeh Maleki
Set Designers:Kaveh Kazemzadeh , Arash Baghipour

Costume Designer: Samiramis Mohandesan

Cast: Reza Behboodi,Shabnam Moghadami, Alireza Ara, Morteza Youneszadeh , Baran Ebrahimi,
Producer: Babak BahramBeygi

1st film/ Fiction/ 88min/Color/Sourrand 5-1/
2K(DCI)/ DCP / August 2016


Having returned to the country after years, Shaheen pays a short visit to his hometown, and unwittingly becomes involved with one of his brother's business adventures and tries to work his way forward to resolve the issues but faces a new dimension of the story that puts him on the horns of s dilemma


 Director’s note:

Hypocrisy and ambiguity in behaviors are the dominant features of Iranian culture. Although it is a solution for surviving of a society with long chaotic history, however it has not been without costs.
In this film the main character comes back, after a long time living abroad, to his land. He confronts unintentionally with a moral dilemma. Making decision is not easy for him, because the concept of good and evil, moral and immoral is not clear. People hide their intentions and pretend different. Finally his decision harms both himself and the others.

Babak Bahrambeygi, editor & director, born in 1978 in Kermanshah,Iran. A LONG DAY is her debut feature


1-Pune International Film festival Jan.2017. India

2- Menar Sofia Film Festival Jan.2017 .Bulgaria2

3- Iranian FF Zurich 2017

4- ACTION ON FILM . Agu. 17-26 USA

5-Marbella Film Festival 4th to 8th October 2017

6- Sunlight Film Festival ,Berlin/ Moscow October 25-26. Germany/ Russia

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Director's note

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