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Borva (Believe)

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Director: Parnia Kazemipour(Mrs)
Writers: Mehrdad Majidi & Parnia Kazemipour(Mrs)
Director of Photography: Abd Abdinasab
Composer: Mehdi Sefidgar
Editor: Yavar Tourang
Sound designer : Siamak Niazi
Sound mix: Arash Ghasemi
Set & Custom Designer:Rozhin Majidi
Make up Designer:Ashkan Asgari
Cast: Aryan Yousefi(Bahman),Arina Mirzaei(Rozhin),Ali-ashraf Rezaei(Papir),Donya Goftari(Mother),Reza Pash Abadi(Father),Hadis Foladvand(Teacher)

Producer: Mehrdad Majidi

Full HD, 85MINS,2019,


Bahman is a 8-year old boy lives in the village with his nervous and strict mother.
The school class in the village is get cancelled this year due to low enrollment. He has to cross the river every day to reach new school, then he faces serious problem; Bahman has fear of deep water and swimming!


Parniya Kazemipoor(Mrs) was born in Shiraz in 1976. She begins her artistic activity as the theatre directing and writing scripts, later on she is responsible as a first assistant director in the cinema and Borva is her first feature film.


-Dhaka Int’l FF 2020/Bangladesh
-Dhaka Children FF 2010/Bangladesh
-Flying Broom Woman’s Film Festival 2020/Turkey
-Iranian Film Festival Zurich, 2020 Switzerland
-Milan Women’s FF 2020,Italy
-CMS Children FF 2020,India

Director's note

The genre for this feature film relates to the children, its main character teaches diligence and honesty shall lead them to definite success.



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