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Director: Fayzullo Faiz

Writer: Nosir Rahmon, Fayzullo Faiz

Based an idea by: Bakhtiyar Khudojnazarov

Consultant and editor Safar Khakdodov

Director of Photography: Abdukarim Uroqov

Composer: Daler Nazar

Editor: Kamil Karim

Sound designer & Mix : Firdavs Sidiqov

Sound Recordist: Adilet Bekbatirov

Set Designer:

Custom Designer:

Make up Designer: Zshasgul Sadyrova

Special Effects: Sattor Khojaev

Main Casts:

Ramses                 Mehrojiddini Safar

Barakat                 Ubaydullo Omon

Safar                      Ahmadjoni Qutbiddinzoda

Salima                   Soro Sobir


Olamafruz Sharifi                               as        Director

Abdurahim Nabiev                             as        Asisstant

Asomiddin Bekmuhammedov            as        Cameraman (Master)

Hasan Qosimov                                  as        Production Designer

Bejan Davlyatov                                 as        Paparazzo

Marhabo Alimamadova                      as        Make-up Artist

Rahibov Amrihudoy                            as       Driver

Ahliddin Sharipov                               as       Commander

Producer: Mahmadsaid Shohiyon

Executive Producer Diloshub Orifzoda

Production: TajikFilm

4K . 16:9/ Red D./110mins. Tajikistan 2021


This social drama takes place in the fisherfolk village on a bank of the Tajik sea. The villagers start facing the ecological disaster recently. The village is in transition between traditionality and modernity. Barakat, the honest and respected old village man, doesn’t support the Boat Shopkeeper who smuggles in the harmful goods. He has only one confidant, Ramses, a small village boy with a made-up name. The filmmakers on a visit to shoot a film in the village cast Safar, Ramses’s father, as a lead. While Salima, Ramses’s mother, struggles to convince Safar and her son to relocate to a city. The finale of the story unveils the protagonists' fate amidst all ups and downs.




Faizullo Faizov was born in 1989 in the village of Bakhor, Farkhor region of the Republic of Tajikistan


2007-2012 Graduated from TGII im. M. Tursunzoda, dep. drama and film actor, master Courbon Sobir.

2014-2017 Graduated from the Institute of Cinema and Theater IR Iran (master), dep. film director, master of Muhammadi Shahbo and Behnom Behzodi.

Working theoretical dissertation "Transformation of the history of cinema of Tajikistan, from the beginning to the present day", 116 pages.

Practical work. Documentary film "History of Tajik Cinema", 38 min., Under the direction of Dr. Muhammad Shahbo.


2013 "8 March" (8 March), 4 min., TV "Tajikistan", Tajikistan

2015 "Yehmakon" (No place), 5 min., Film Institute, Iran

2016 "Benafas" (Without breathing), 15 min., Film Institute, Iran

2016 "History of Tajik Cinema", 38 min., Institute of Cinema, Iran. (Documentary).

2017 "Taxi", 27 min., GC "Tajikfilm"

2019 - "Boris Kimyagarov" 43 min, (documentary).

2020-2021 - "Bachai obӣ". (1h. 36m)


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